Chael ‘C Train’ Anthony – Lead Singer/Front Man Extraordinaire 

Chael has always played music and sang from the time he was able to reach the keys on an old organ in his childhood home. He is part of a large mixed family so from riding in the car with different family members, his influences range from Sinatra and Nat king Cole, to Jerry Lee Lewis and Motown, to George Straight and The Judds, to Led Zeppelin and the Doors, all the 80’s one hit wonders, all way up to Mumford and sons and La Roux. Chael self-taught himself various instruments from drums, bass guitar, piano and guitar.  He also played trumpet in marching band for seven years. He has won karaoke contests, and has even done some runway and print modeling… he’s truly a multifaceted entertainer. Chael loves to dance, sing, and make people smile.

Sarah Pimentel – Lead Singer

Originally from Michigan, Sarah Pimentel has resided in Arizona for the past 12 years. She is the mother of two beautiful children. Her musical influence largely came from her mother who was especially fond of Patsy Cline and other popular singers of the day. Her mother passed her love of music on to several of her children. Sarah, being the youngest child of six was exposed to the musical favorites of her five older sisters including classic rock, country, and hip-hop genres. Prior to being discovered by Mixtape, Sarah made a living by serving and managing several restaurants located in the Southeast valley. In doing so she could often be heard singing the music being played regardless of the genre and was often asked by visiting bands to join her on stage for a set.

Since joining Mix Tape she has enjoyed the being an active member in the band’s ongoing development while increasing the diversity of the group and its musical offerings.

 Andy Simmons – Lead Guitar

Andy was born and raised in a VERY small town in Indiana. His mother always had tunes playing. Neil Diamond, Barry Manilow, Ricky Nelson, the Beatles. When he was 8, his mom’s best friend gave him three albums . Those three albums KISS ALIVE, ALICE COOPER-WELOCME TO MY NIGHTMARE and QUEEN-NEWS OF THE WORLD drastically changed the musical landscape for young Andy. He began playing percussion at 12 in elementary school (and would later attend 2 yrs at I.U. as a music major with a focus on percussion). At 12.5 he shoveled enough snow and raked enough leaves to buy his 1st guitar. A year’s worth of lessons and he was in heaven. In high school, no one played bass, so Andy bought a bass and taught himself. Bass players were a hot commodity and he was in several bands. After high school, the music program required him to learn piano, sight read vocal music and carry a tune. Now a quintuple threat, he fronted several groups from behind every instrument he knew how to play, winning best male vocalist in 1994 in Ft Wayne, Indiana. Some were cover bands, some original. There are a few videos on ytube of his past bands! When it comes to playing cover songs, Andy is very adamant about getting as close as humanly possible to the original recording. 

Fast forward to 2014, he’s had his fill of snow and terrible weather, threw a dart at the map and wound up in heaven……we call it Arizona. He loves the desert with all his heart and now that MIXTAPE is his home, he’s a very happy camper!!!

A plumber by day, 6 string kamakazi by night! Andy’s on stage energy reflects how much fun is brewing inside of him!!! 

Bruce Wilson – Rhythm Guitar/Keyboard/Saxaph

Born in Ohio to a musical family that included his mother and father playing saxophone in his grandfather’s dance band, Bruce has been listening to music since before he was born. (His mother practiced piano several hours every day.) Bruce started piano lessons at age 5 and played in school band and orchestra on clarinet, string bass, bassoon, trumpet, and several other instruments, and he scored music for his high school orchestra including a concerto for kazoo. (Along the way, he talked his high school crush, Holly Campbell, into giving him free flute lessons. She sent him away after 3 lessons, but he continued to pine for her.) Bruce was the only student from his school to win all three top awards in band, orchestra and jazz band. He is a government-certified saxophone player, having served in the 74th Army Band, Indianapolis.

BW traveled a bit after the Army, playing Top 40, Country, Disco and whatever, in clubs from Minnesota to Louisiana,West Virginia to LA to Alaska, and points in between. He has performed in the symphony orchestras of Wittenberg and Butler Universities, backed up The Coasters, opened for Otis Day and the Knights, played gigs with Jock Bartley of Firefall, recorded an LP with Lonely Rider, and has had more adventures than he cares to talk about. Over the course of his career, Bruce has performed in front of audiences on over 25 different instruments.

When it came time to grow up and get a real job, Bruce instead went to school to become an aircraft mechanic, which is what he does now in Chandler. (Holly Campbell, after not seeing him for 40-some years, has finally given in and moved to Arizona to be his loving woman.) In his spare time, Bruce plays keyboards, guitar, and saxophone with his new favorite band, Mixtape.

…and Holly runs the lights and takes photos.

Emille Kortleven – Drums

Emille hails from The Netherlands and arrived in Arizona in 2016 via an 18 year Los Angeles detour.
He’s been playing drums since age 12, in bands since age 14. Peter Criss, Stewart Copeland, Cesar Zuiderwijk and Alex van Halen were (early on) drummers to inspire him.
Emille has his roots in punk rock and hard rock music. However, he’s been in many (cover) bands playing a wide variety of styles, both in Europe as well as the US. From country to jazz to 60’s R&B/ Motown to 70’s Yacht Rock & Disco to 80’s Hairbands & New Wave to Dutch lyric Southern Rock to Dutch ‘Tuba Funk’….you name it, he’s played it.
His goal with any cover band he’s been in, was always primarily to entertain an audience. He states:” If you’re a night out, you want to hear songs you know and can dance to, played convincingly by a band that is energetic and can keep your attention.”
Needless to say he got really excited when Mixtape asked him to audition on drums. He’d seen the band a few times before and was impressed by their stage act and relentless energy. He remembers thinking: “ If that band ever needs a drummer, I hope they think of me!”

John Kloian – Bass

Originally from Michigan, John has lived in the Phoenix valley since leaving the Navy in 1996.   John has been surrounded by professional musicians all his life.  His mother, Key Kemmer,  was one of the original members of the Wheeling West Virginia Jamboree.  John spent a lot of time as a young boy traveling to and from shows with his mom and met some incredible country artists along the way like Earl Scruggs and Mel Tillis to name but two.  John has always appreciated all kinds of music, but the bug to perform didn’t really hit John until his late 30’s.  He bought his first bass late in 2011 and taught himself how to play.  He started a band with a fellow local musician shortly after and together they formed Collateral Damage and played around town for nearly five years.

After that project ended, John started taking lessons and ended up being introduced to Chael ‘C Train’ Anthony after a charity gig for the VFW.  Turns out Mixtape was looking for a bass player.  John auditioned and was asked to join Mixtape late in 2017.

John’s musical influences are eclectic and run the gamut.  From mountain blue grass, to the delta blues, to Motown to classic rock, to hard rock and even pop and rap.  If its snappy and mellifluous with a good rhythm, chances are John will enjoy it and try to learn something he can incorporate into his music.